Crew of the Northern Light

Captain Wesley Hienmiller

Captain Wesley Heinmiller

Captain Wes Heinmiller was born in Long Beach, California in 1954 to a boating family.
When Wes was fifteen years old, he sailed to the Fiji Islands and resided there for two years with his family. He came back to Long Beach and started a marine repair, piloting & management company that is still in business today.

Wes has worked in many aspects of the marine industry from sales to installation, and finally decided that yacht chartering is his forte.

Wes piloted several boats for the motion picture and television industry: Riptide, Winds of War, Tequila Sunrise, Days of Our Lives, and The Bold & The Beautiful.

Having a 1,600 ton Masters License with S.T.C.W. training, towing & sailing endorsements, Wes spends his time between his work in Newport Beach, CA and his residence on Orcas Island, WA.

Wes’ marine capabilities are vast and his repair capabilities extensive.
He has an excellent association with the Coast Guard from certifying four of his last boats.

Wes has renovated nine Chris Crafts back from ruins in all sizes from 18′ Holiday speedboats to 65′ Coast Guard Certified Constellations & Commanders. He will guarantee a memorable trip.



Captain Alan Stameisen

Captain Alan Stameisen

Captain Alan Stameisen was born in Southern California and started his love for the sea at age 6 when he learned to sail a Sidney Sabot. His knowledge of sailing and seamanship continued to grow while crewing aboard his family’s 36 ft. Columbia. At age 14, with his father, Alan began formal classes in piloting and seamanship through the Power Squadron and Coast Guard Auxiliary.

At age 18, Alan attended Pierce College and between studies, he worked on local yachts to earn enough money to purchase his first sailboat. By graduation, he traded up to a larger sailboat and moved aboard, making boating an even greater part of his life style.

Among his many achievements, Alan became proficient in snow skiing which he taught to the physically challenged. He guided one of his blind students to win first place in the National Downhill Skiing Tournament at Winter Park, CO.

Alan attended the Ventura County Fire Department Reserve Academy where he served 4 years and earned an Emergency Medical Technician Certificate from Ventura College.

When Alan is not at the helm of Northern Light, he manages a 92 ft. yacht in Newport Beach and is responsible for all aspects of the vessel’s operation which includes maintenance, crew procurement, itineraries, menu provisioning, repair and maintenance of engines and generators. When day’s work is finished, Alan is known to barbecue a mean filet.

Alan holds a 100 ton Masters License that includes sailing and towing endorsements.
He has renovated four Chris Craft yachts from 31 ft. to 65 ft., and finds White Light to be his best project ever.


Captain Jeff  Wofford

Captain Jeff Wofford

Captain Jeff Wofford was born and raised on the Great Lakes in Michigan.
He started his boating experience aboard his father’s 41 ft. power boat.

Jeff bought his first power boat at age 15 which he restored and used on the Great Lakes where he also learned to windsurf.

Moving to California in the early 90’s, Jeff started his own yacht maintenance service in Newport Beach. He worked on boats from San Diego to Long Beach. Jeff went on to work full time for one of his clients aboard their private yacht as First Mate.

Jeff bought his first sailboat, an Ericson 35, in 1997. He lived aboard and raced it to Mexico in the Newport to Ensenada race. He completed the Coast Guard Auxiliary course and holds a 100 ton Masters License.

When Jeff is not captaining the Northern Light, he is a private contractor and restores houses.


Tim Parker

Tim Parker

Tim Parker graduated from Long Beach State University in 1994. He has extensive water-board experience including 15 years as a local beach lifeguard. Tim claims to have made a three course breakfast at the age of five.

Tim has been aboard throughout the entire renovation project and is a trusted hand working closely with the yacht owners.

He now performs various duties from systems installations, crewman, bartender, ski boat and tender operator, and in general gets done what needs to be done.

Tim has worked on the owners’ previous yachts for several years and enjoys being a part of Northern Light’s team.